• product name: Stainless steel heavy duty kettle
  • Product ID: BR-SSPT-01


The solidly constructed kettle has been exported to many countries over the world since we have been produced it for 7 years. 304 stainless steel designed especially for beer brewing, if you need there can be a thick 3-ply bottom-an aluminum layer sandwiched between two stainless steel layers for superior heating dissipation. The nice heavy bottom relieves anxiety about scorching or burning. Craft of welding instead of deep drawing saves you a lot for more profits and in the meantime maintained the same effect, for the welding we were dealing was amazingly similar in effects compared with deep drawing, sacrificing neither features nor quality, however comes with a much lower price. A batch sizes were designed for brewing usage. Of course this pot can be used for not only making beer, but also for making soup or Chile, gumbo, boiling shrimp and fish, just anything a metal pot is used for. The large handles are especially nice while using for they stayed cool for the duration of the boiling.

Detailed features are as the following:

  • Name: Brew kettle/ pot/ keg with lid.
  • 1.0mm SS304 construction.
  • Surface handling: Brushed; Polished; Or according to customer's requirement.
  • Bottom selectable: One layer of stainless only / 3-ply bottom
  • 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 55 and 100 gallon designed specifically for home brewing batch
  • sizes (or according to customer's requirement).
  • Other application: Making soup/wine/storage/medical sterilization/medical garbage
  • Sample free with required freight charges.